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Saturday, 27 June 2009 08:31 by kpotvin


There I was last night at my son’s final Little League game under the big lights and in serious need of caffeine.  Eureka!  This is what Dunkin’ Run, Dunkin’ Donuts new group ordering app, is for.  Instead of running around with a notebook and pencil asking the other parents to place their coffee order, I could do it all with simple technology.  As it turned out, I only needed two coffees which my brain could handle but I could see exactly why Dunkin’ Run is useful – plus it’s just plain fun.

It’s fun to order pizza, too.  One fan recently twittered: "OMG...I am totally addicted to the Domino's Pizza Tracker thingy!!  Talk about interactive ordering!!  I can literally watch my pizza delivery."  There’s a passionate endorsement.  She is referring to the Pizza Tracker from Domino’s – and there is also the Pizza Builder.  Pizza Builder allows customers to chose from 14 quadrillion combinations to create their own pizzas online while Pizza Tracker then lets customers track that pizza from ordering to the moment it is out the door (“Ryan left the store.”).  These innovations have boosted customer satisfaction by decreasing ordering errors and removing the anxiety of the order process (“Where is my pizza?”).   Engaging customers in the pizza delivery experience seems to be working.  When it comes to online ordering sales, Domino’s jumped from an 11 percent share to a 28 percent share in the past 24 months and is now ranked No. 1.

Innovation may be serious business but there’s always room for a little fun.

Disclosure:  Splash has worked with Domino’s on PR initiatives unrelated to this post.

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